A magical place.

– in the Autumn it shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow,

– in the Winter, covered in snow, it looks like a scenery from a fairy tale,

– in the Spring, when everything blooms and awakens, it will give you a gigantic boost of optimism and positive thinking,

– and in the Summer it looks like the most beautiful postcard.

The Lazienki Park covers the area of almost 80 hectares (!!!). One can find many historical buildings there, some of them erected in the 18th c.

Among many fascinating monuments are the Palace on the Isle, the Amphitheatre, the New Orangery, the Chopin Monument and the Myśliwiecki Palace.

On a regular day, Varsovians visit the Łazienki Park for a stroll, to have dinner or to attend a concert. A wonderful place

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