1944 was a terrifying year for Warsaw. With its magnificent historical tenements, state-of-the-art sewage system, rapid growth, style and courtesy, this beautiful city, a real social, architectural and religious melting pot used to be called „The Pearl of the North”. This marvelous city was demolished almost to the last building and the last brick. A generation of people who were not even 20, the future of the country, perished. What was it that pushed Poles to rise? Was not the price for potential freedom won in battle too high?

The Warsaw Rising Museum is not a typical museum. It is more of a time machine that takes its visitors back to 1944. The multimedia exhibition shows the fight and daily lives of the rising participants juxtaposed with the horrors of the occupation, the complicated international situation, the communist terror after the war and the fate of the participants in that new situation.

The days preceding the rising, its consecutive phases and eventual failure are presented with the use of images and sounds. The visitors can see over 1000 authentic exhibits and 1500 photographs and movies. Additionally, the guests can watch a 5 minutes long 3D simulation of a flight over demolished and desolate Warsaw. A must-see for everyone on a trip to Warsaw who really wants to get to know this city at least a bit.

Glory to the heroes!

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