Frequently asked questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the tours, pick-up, payments, tickets, transfers, and others services at in Warsaw.

How is the transport FROM the airport (or the railway station) organized?

You send us information about your arrival (date, your name, flight/train number, number of people).

We monitor your flight or your train with a mobile app.

Our driver will wait for you in the arrival zone or on the platform with a sign with the name you sent us.

We pick you up at the airport (or the railway station) and drive you to the designated address in Warsaw.

How is the transport TO the airport (or the railway station) organized?”

You send us information about your departure (date, your name, time of departure, number of people and the address at which we are to pick you up).

Our driver will come for you 2 hours before the planned departure of the plane or 1 hour before the planned departure of the train.

Does the location of pickup point/destination affect the price?”

No, the price is always the same regardless of the distance travelled.

„What cars are used in transport?”

Groups of 1-4 people are transported in a station wagon or a bigger car.

Groups of 5-8 people are transported in a van.

Groups of 8-20 people are transported in a minibus.

For groups of over 20 people we provide a bus.

„Does the driver/coordinator speak English?”

Yes – at least at a basic level.

How was the route in the „bicycle„ package planned?”

The route was designed in such a way so as to reduce distance travelled uphill to the minimum.

The route runs mostly through green areas, cycle tracks and streets open only to bikes and pedestrians.

There is only one 100-meter-long segment that goes uphill and one bridge crossing on a sidewalk since there is no other way of getting across the Vistula river to the other part of Warsaw.

The bicycle package is intended to be a pleasant ride.

Does the bicycle package include comprehensive tours of locations?”

No, the bicycle package includes brief visits to the locations.

Several days would not suffice to learn about them thoroughly.

Your personal guide will talk about each location, give historical background and tell some interesting anecdotes.

What bikes are used in the „bicycle” package?”

We use universal city bikes equipped with gears, lights and brakes. It is a standard and comfortable bike that everyone can ride.

Will a guide accompany us in packages?

No, the services of a guide are optional and require additional payment. We can offer audio guides that will make sightseeing easier.

All the locations have clearly marked tour routes. Our driver/coordinator is almost all the time with You.

Our driver/coordinator that comes for you to the hotel/apartment will have your tickets.

The driver will each time lead you to the entrance, help purchase audio guides and ensure that you are inside.

After you finish your tour the driver will wait for you in an agreed upon place.

„How does lunch/dinner look like?”

Lunch will be arranged in one of our tested restaurants. Mainly fusion and/or Polish cuisine.

In each restaurant we will make reservations for you.

Our driver/coordinator each time makes sure that the service in the restaurants is top notch.

„Are beverages included in the price of the lunch?”

No, only the food is included. The dishes are paid for. The beverages need additional payment – the bill has to be settled with the waiter.

„How to book a package?”

Please send us a message through the „AVAILABLE CHECKING” form and enter all the information, as well as a return e-mail address.

We will check the availability of the date of your choice and respond to your message within 48 hours.

In our offer we will include the timetable and prices. If you accept the offer, your reservation will be completed.

„Why do prices begin with „from„?”

The price is for standard service on a regular day.

The prices for services on holidays might be slightly higher.

The time of apartment booking also influences the ultimate price – the faster it is done the lower the price is.

You will always receive the total price of the package in the e-mail with the offer.

„How do I pay?”

There are two options: either through PayPal system or in cash (or credit card) on the day of the trip – at our driver/coordinator.

By confirming the reservation through PayPal you receive a discount.

Please have a printed out transfer confirmation on you.

„Is it possible to pay in euro?”

Yes – you can pay in Euro or in Polish złoty.

„Can the price change during the trip?”

Absolutely not. The price in our e-mail offer is final and cannot be changed.

We are strongly against additional payments and hidden costs.

We respect our clients.

Do you provide car seats and beds for children?”

Yes – during transport to/from the airport (railways station) and/or transport between locations our driver will have car seats for children.

If you rent an apartment through us we will also provide beds for children. You simply have to check this option in the message to us.

„Does your company have insurance?”

Yes, our company has liability insurance. Additionally, all our vehicles have liability insurance and personal accident (NW) insurance.

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