Polish Vodka is not only our national heritage, but it is also an essential attribute of ‘Polishness’ recognised all across the world. It also a crucial element of Polish culture, which has been served on Polish tables during celebrations for centuries.

The main exhibition of the museum is located in a historic building in the former rectification plant, which is where vodka used to gain its unique and pure flavour. Visitors will discover the local tradition of vodka production and will learn about Polish Vodka’s international career.

Visitors can see a virtual laboratory of a medieval alchemist. They can experience the comforts of living in a manor house and see an actual distillery. They can learn about the role vodka has played in politics, as well as get to know bartenders’ tricks of the trade.
All those who enjoy vodka tasting can do so in a stylish restaurant. The visitors, newly-equipped with knowledge and skills related to vodka, will surely appreciate the qualities of genuine Polish Vodka.

Historical city tours: For Your Group Only

Historical city tours: Small groups

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